Murphy 2012

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  • Naziv: Murphy 2012
  • Organizator:: ASK Slavonija - Sibinj
  • Br. Klubova: 21
  • Kotizacija: 150 HRK
  • Županija: Požeško-Slavonska
  • GPS koordinate: Lat: 45.203106 | Lng: 17.946697
  • Trajanje susreta: 36
  • Vrijeme početka susreta: 12.05.2012. 05:00:00
  • Vrijeme završetka susreta: 13.05.2012. 11:00:00
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Murphy 2012

One year has passed since the withdrawal of allied forces from the territory of Zdenčanija, intoxicated with power Shameel Hadzee leader of the terrorist group Sons Of Wind brings the government to its knees and establish the dictatorship over the land. In less than 6 months from the poorly armed resistance movement, Shameel\'s \"Sons of Wind\" are transformed into a respectable military force in the region. Fear of aggression makes the neighboring state of Slavonska Ravnica apples to UN to restore democracy in newly founded state of Zdenčanija. Shameel\'s response was declaration of war to a neighboring state of Slavonska Ravnica. The UN and the rest of the world look’s quietly at the conflicts that occur in these two neighboring countries. Within 72 hours the country was conquered. War efforts stretched Shameel’s resources pretty thin so he offered safe haven for everyone who is willing to pay. Crime, drug and slave trade became primary activities in the country.

Having learned from previous experiences Shameel knew that such actions will not go unpunished.
Shameel secretly begins a preparation for production of biological weapons of mass destruction.
He builds the complex for production of biological weapons of mass destruction within a dam of Petnja knowing that it will prevent any attacks on it because with the destruction of the dam millions of people would die in a nearby town due to a flooding of a lake.All that remains to Shameel is to find a scientist who has the knowledge and will to make him most powerful man in the region.

As he assumed modern world replied quickly. International forces led by world police U.S.A. launched the operation \'\'Slobodna Ravnica\'\'. After exhausting struggle Slavonska Ravnica was freed. As a gratitude country of Slavonska Ravnica become a staging ground for attacks on Zdenčanija.
Due to lack of information in what state is Shamel\'s program to produce biological weapons of mass destruction allies postponed the date the offensive.

Special force TFLO and TFWO are formed. Their sole purpose is to neutralize Shamel\'s ability to produce and use with weapons of mass destruction. The members of world elite Special Forces (Seal\'s, ODA, SAS, KSK, and others) are select to form two teams. One tem to perform land operation and other team to perform naval operation.
11.05.2012 in the routine information gathering \'\'Sons Of Wind\'\' brought down an AWCS and are moving toward the remains of the aircraft in order to gather the necessary information about the Allied forces. The operation code named Murphy 2012 Uphill starts 12th svibnja 2012th Shameel \'\' Sons Of Wind \'\' must be stopped in their plans.

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